Thursday, December 23, 2010

2012 WAPF Summer Retreat in Costa Rica for Families and Singles

Summer 2012
Session A June 23 – June30

Session B July 4 July – July11

WAPF, GAPS, Paleo and Gluten intolerant friendly

Waldorf/Steiner inspired activities for children from 4 to 12 years old

For children 12+ and parents below is the list of activities

Most activities will be held at Los Pinitos, our 30 acre (12 ha) organic farm/forest property 7 km (4 miles) from the town of Turrialba. At 1100m (3300 ft) altitude, the yearly average temperature is a pleasant 21° C (70°F). The property overlooks the Turrialba Valley and the Central mountain range of Costa Rica with the highest peak of Central America in the distance.

Los Pinitos Organic Farm, Costa Rica
On the farm, beautiful hiking paths lead you along a river through our species-rich forest and shaded coffee fields with tropical fruit trees, palms, a large variety of tasty bananas, oranges, mandarins and lemons, pineapples, turmeric, gingers, wild raspberries, orchids, and many medicinal and ornamental plants. You will also get to know the Mayan lipstick tree. Further on you walk through lush pastures with living fences for our grass-fed Jersey cows. Wildlife includes more than 200 bird species (weaver birds, Toucans, parakeets, owls, etc.), armadillos, raccoons, squirrels and many others.

Childrens’ Activities (4 to 11 years)
Waldorf-oriented activities including group games, forest walks, building huts from natural materials, singing and dancing, rushing down a water slide, drawing and painting, flute playing, milking cows, feeding chicken, gardening, bird watching etc.

Adults’ Activities (12 years and up)
Day One (Sat July 30th): San Jose airport pick up. Dinner and sleeping at Los Pinitos (scroll down page for photos of the farm and tents)

Day Two (Sunday July 31st): Hiking tour of our farm. Learn about the challenges that organic farmers face today and how this is influencing the landscapes and farmers' communities in Costa Rica. Basic notion of self sufficiency in the tropics, medicinal plants. Discover the rich fauna and flora of our region. Nice Zip line/canyoning.

Day Three (Monday August 1st): Hike through the biggest coffee farm of Costa Rica. Learn about coffee history, growing, processing, and environmental and social certification. If time permits, you can pick some coffee. Visit historic church, picnic and swimming in a (cool) pool under a huge waterfall

Day Four ( Tuesday august 2nd): Guayabo National Park and Monument (a UNESCO world heritage site!) and then spend a day with a typical Costa Rican farming family and enjoy visiting their farm and biodigestor after a typical meal

Day Five (Wednesday august 3rd): Caribbean beach excursion.

Day Six( Thursday august 4th): Rafting on the very lush Peyibaye river

Day 7th (Friday august 5th): Visit CATIE botanical garden and collections. Farmers market, souvenir shop and coffee processing

Day 8 (Saturday 6th) : Airport drop off

Program is not necessary in that order. Final program dates will be based on date of arrival.

Most activities and events directly benefit many small scale local farming families.

Scroll down for more tent pics
Each family will be accommodated in one or more tents with private bathrooms (click "pics" label to see more photos) . Singles will have their own tents and shared bathrooms.

Food and Cooking
Nutrient and enzyme-rich food. Real butter, virgin coconut oil, sourdough bread and sauerkraut. Delicious Caribbean and continental food will be prepared based on Dr Price’s findings and the Nourishing Traditions cookbook of Sally Fallon and Mary Enig. Vegetarians will be accommodated as well.
Raw Milk and Cheese produced on the farm

Cost for:

The price includes:
• all transport (in Costa Rica) incl. airport shuttle,
• National Park fees,
• All food and beverages and accommodation in tents
• All activities organized by Wise Traditions Costa Rica

Children must be accompanied by parents or legal guardian at all times except during children only activities when they will be with teachers or monitors.

Camp Organizers
The Muschler family: Gina and Reinhold are the founders of the Turrialba Waldorf School, Wapf chapter leaders for Turrialba and the central valley of Costa Rica, and members of the Association of Organic Farmers of Turrialba. They have two lovely daughters (Naomi, 14 and Malaika, 9, in the photos). Gina is a medicinal and ayurvedic herb educator and Reinhold is a professor of tropical agroecology.

Contact: Gina Baker
Tel. 011-506-2556-8021
Verbena Norte de Turrialba
Costa Rica


  1. Very intriguing and beautiful prospect of a vacation. Unable to make such a trip this year, but would definitely consider it down the road!

  2. This looks like an AWESOME vacation. What a service you are offering to the WAPF-Waldorf Community!

  3. Wow - ditto on the above 2! I am thinking about doing this! I'd love to meet other like minded singles. Nice not having to worry about eating health on a vacation too!

    Is a passport needed to go to Costa Rica? And one would need to fly in to San Jose Costa Rica?

  4. Great post related to 2012 WAPF Summer Retreat in Costa Rica for Families and Singles...As a Costa Rica Real Estate Expert I must say, its great work...

  5. I find this type of a vacation very interesting. What concnerns me is the lack of Los Pinitos' activity on this site since 2010. I would welcome more informaiton and updated photos, perhpas a post from someone who stayed there. Anyone?

  6. Hi there, sorry, I just saw all these comments. Yes, you need a passport to set foot outside of the USA these days.

    I am a friend of the organizer, Gina, and I maintain this blog for her. I just realized that when I update blog posts with new info it still shows the old post date, which is why this post shows a date of 2010, whereas it was actually updated in late 2011 or early 2012. Sorry for the confusion. I hope you can make the next event!